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The doors are constructed so that they can be adapted to any space and requirement:


Moreover, in order to meet the demands of architects and interior designers, the door can be adapted to all dimensions, different materials and forms for complete fit into the project.

Ask us and we will answer all your questions. We will help you choose the most appropriate door performance, which will solve your problem and meet your desires. You have to decide yourself which way to open it, the color of the profile and the performance of the glass. Everything else is our concern.

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Five Essential Questions You Must Ask Before Purchasing Automatic Doors

5 questions

1Is the security system such that the door will not close if there is a man among them?
It may be unbelievable, but this is a common problem with automatic doors. The most commonly used security system works in the form of a beam of photocells to be interrupted if there is a man standing there. If a child falls in the door or an elderly photo carpet is located about 0.5 m from the floor, it is not interrupted.
The door then hit and hurt the lying person. With the increased amount of automatic doors, the number of complaints of injured users has increased considerably..
2Are the automatic doors silent enough to not scare people and interfere with the noise?
Most automatic door accessories and electronics are not fully aligned. The door is therefore disproportionate. They make noise though new. With unexpected moments, it also frustrates users.
In this way, the party easily gets a bad impression. If you have such a door in your home or office, you will start to feel nervous.
3Are the doors easy enough to use as a servicer not to be your regular guest?
Business often requires different door operation regimes: continuous open, one-way opening, reduced opening, locking ...
It is unfortunate that you have to call and wait for the servicer to do so. The basic gate management must be simple.
4How is an affordable service and who provides spare parts?
Imagine if you can not close the door at the end of the working day and wait for the service provider? In the event of a fault the servicer can arrive at least for several hours.
Also check who provides spare parts. Today, everyone can import automatic doors from China and open a workshop in the garage. Caution is not on the turn.
5What is the lifetime of the door?
With automatic doors the lifetime depends largely on how we care about them. You need to be aware of the regular maintenance system that allows automatic doors to have long and no life span.
Such a maintenance system reduces costs, and emergency services so you will almost never need it.

Why can the wrong choice of automatic doors be expensive?